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A follow-up to the successful first volume, Moonshot: volume 2 returns with more comic stories by Indigenous writers. Stories in this volume take place in the present, though not necessarily the present as we know it…

From tales of the end of the world (and how that’s a good thing), bringing the thunderbirds to heal water pollution, travel through time and space, fighting against self-harm, and a two-spirit tale of butterflies bringing joy to people’s lives, these stories all showcase new stories from respected creators across many nations, of life, love, and community.

Featuring stories by:
Elizabeth LaPensée and Richard Pace, Sean & Rachel Qitsualik-Tinsley and Alexandria Neonakis, Darcie Little Badger and Rossi Gifford, Alina Pete and Trudi Castle, David Alexander Robertson and Natasha Alterici, Arnand Garnet Ruffo and David Cutler, Richard Van Camp and Scott Henderson, Tanya Tagaq and Stephen Gladue, Daniel Heath Justice and Weshoyot Alvitre, Richard Van Camp and Haiwei Hou, Gerard & Peta-Gay Roberts and Nicholas Burns, Steve Keewatin Sanderson, Michael Sheyahshe and Kim Hunter, and Jeffrey Veregge.

With a foreword by comics critic James Leask, introduction by Michael Sheyayshe, and afterword by Elizabeth LaPensée.

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