Nelvana of the Northern Lights

Release Date: May 2014

Publisher: CGA Comics / IDW Publishing

Format: Archive Collection

Medium: Comic

Genre: Superhero

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Kickstarter Date: October 1 – November 1, 2013
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Nelvana was one of the world’s very first superheroines, predating Wonder Woman by several months, and is among the ranks of the first Canadian superheroes to emerge after Canada placed an embargo on US luxury goods during WWII. First appearing in 1941, Nelvana was tasked with protecting Canada’s northern lands. Using the powers of the northern lights, Nelvana could fly at incredibly fast speeds, become invisible, and even turn into dry ice! She used her great powers to ward off Nazi invaders, shady fur traders, subterranean mammoth men, and interdimensional ether people. For the first time since her story ended in 1947, Nelvana’s complete adventures have been collected and reprinted in one single volume.

Notable Press:

Toronto Star

CBC North

The Walrus

Winnipeg Free Press

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