Gothic Tales of Haunted Love


Cover art by Leslie Doyle


Release Date: TBA

Publisher: Bedside Press

Format: Fiction Anthology

Medium: Comic

Genre: Gothic Romance

Purchase Online: n/a

Kickstarter Date: not yet announced, Summer 2017

Gothic Tales of Haunted Love is an upcoming comics anthology in development at Bedside Press. These are tales of lovers torn apart, ghostly revenge, and horrific deeds, in the vein of 1970s gothic romance comics such as Haunted LoveDark Mansion of Forbidden Love, and Gothic Romances. A modern re-imagining of this genre, the stories feature a diverse range of heroes and villains from some of comics finest talent, and will likely feature a few stories of a woman in a white dress running away from a scary house.

A Kickstarter to raise funds for printing and production is expected to launch in Summer 2017. A foreword by Jacque Nodell (Sequential Crush) introduces the genre to readers. The book will be edited by Hope Nicholson and Sam Beiko (Scion of the Fox).

Contributors and stories include:

  • ALB – Two ladies of the court share an irresistible and dangerous attraction
  • Amber Noelle & Allison PaigeMy Heart Still Beats For You – A hospital patient is intrigued by a flirty nurse – and haunted by the sound of their newly transplanted heart.
  • Barbara Guttman – A woman soothes a monster with tea to protect the villagers from its wrath
  • Chris Stone & Katie Sawatsky – A woman has to choose between two brothers, but the mysterious death of one suddenly makes her decision that much easier
  • Dante L. & H. Pueyo – Fazenda do Sangue Azul – in 1960s Brazil, a renegade journalist takes refuge in an abandoned plantation and discovers a lonely ghost.
  • David LafuenteForever in Silence – A talented musician makes a deal with the devil to recover her lost hearing
  • David Robertson & Scott Henderson The Return – an elder heals a recently deceased woman who sets out to recover her lost love
  • Femi Sobowale & Caroline Dougherty – a young socialite disovers a bewitching woman at a party who is more than she seems
  • Hien PhamMinefield – In 1950s Vietnam, a lost soul comes to the aid of a farmer’s field under attack
  • Hope Nicholson & Scott ChantlerGoldblind – During the Yukon goldrush, two lovers chase the motherlode until disaster strikes
  • Janet Hetherington & Ronn SuttonCrush – a new governess comes to care for the rogueish widow of a stately manor and his charming brood of children
  • Katie West & Ray Fawkes – In 1930s Ontario, a young woman discovers her mother will do anything to set her daughter up with a nice young man
  • Megan KearneyMistress Fox – A young bride spins a story of murder and deceit that paints her husband as a killer…but is there any truth to her tale?
  • Melanie Gillman – A young chorus dancer meets a lonely miner who dreams of being a dancer , and discovers the dark secret of her troupe’s leader
  • Nika – A fashion journalist lands the interview of her dreams – but it unearths deadly secrets of Taiwan’s most popular fashion designer
  • Rob Pincombe & Daniel WongOkiku – A puppeteer lures a young woman into ruin and pays for his cruelty
  • Sarah Searle – Penddraig – The new lady of a manor falls in love with her maid while dealing with the icy cruelty of her new husband
  • Svetla Nikolova & Laura Bowman – A sorceror and his wife take turns dealing in necromancy and passion
  • Willow Dawson & Cecil Castelluci – a young musician discovers an otherwordly love that may save his soul
  • Xavière Daumarie
  • Cherelle Higgins & Rina Rozsas – Green, Gold and Black 1728 Jamaica, on the eve of a slave uprising, a young house slave tries to protect her newborn infant from a pair of vengeful ghosts.
  • Rahzzah – pinup
  • Adrienne Valdes – pinup
  • Leslie Doyle – cover art