Fashion In Action

Release Date: June 2017

Publisher: Bedside Press

Format: Trade Collection

Medium: Comic

Genre: Fashion & Adventure

Purchase Online: not yet available

Kickstarter Date: Archived Kickstarter Page Here

Originally published by Eclipse Comics in the 1980s, Fashion In Action was created by John K Snyder III.

The series takes place in 2086, in a version of our world where 1980s fashion and style are still current, in a style creator John K Snyder slyly terms ‘pong-punk’. These action packed comics revolve around the adventures of Frances Knight and her squad Fashion In Action – “the world’s highest priced and best dressed celebrity protection agency”.

Standing against Fashion in Action are the diabolical team of Dr. Cruel, a coldly manipulative mysterious man, and his accomplice, the unpredictable Roxane, who has a vendetta against Frances Knight.

Fashion in Action was a series that mixed real-life fashion influence with an engaging story about a diverse group of talented, hard-as-nails women working together to protect their clients.


Sample Pages: