Brok Windsor


Release Date: April 2015

Publisher: Bedside Press

Format: Archive Collection

Medium: Comic

Genre: Action-Adventure/Sci-fi

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Kickstarter Date: July 31, 2014 – September 29, 2014
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Brok Windsor, the greatest Canadian hero of all time – that you’ve never heard of.

Created by Winnipeg-turned Vancouver artist Jon Stables, Brok Windsor was first published in 1944 and lasted for only two years. Brok Windsor was the incredible tale of a Winnipeg doctor who crash-lands on a magical island in the middle of cottage country. Here the residents grow to be 7 feet tall, treachery is around every corner, and monsters are out to get him! Joining Brok in his journey is Torgon the son of a deposed leader of the local Blackpaw tribe, an expert marksman and flyer, and Starra the lovely, imprisoned descendant of a malicious British ghost.

Tracking down the issues from collections across Canada and with the support and encouragement of the families of the real Brock Windsor and the incredibly talented creator John Stables I reprinted these adventures.

Notable Press:

Comics Alliance

The Western Producer

Metro Vancouver

Winnipeg Free Press

Sample Pages: