Hope Nicholson signing

“Hope has dedicated herself, in part, to bringing back things that have fallen from view” – Margaret Atwood

“Hope has a national and international reputation for doing fantastic work in terms of recovering lost pop-culture and lost comics.” – Dr. Candida Rifkind

I am an editor, researcher, producer, publisher, and passionate fangirl. My aim in life is to help create space for stories to be told, that aren’t commonly told but are highly desired. Community building and helping others succeed is the aim of the company I’ve developed, Bedside Press.

I love comics.

Especially, sharing this passion with others. For the last few years I have been discovering and republishing out-of-print comics and helping artists & writers to create new stories in exciting projects.

I live in Winnipeg and have a soft spot for regional representation and promotion.

I worked within the film industry for several years as a researcher and marketer. Now I own Bedside Press, a niche publisher specializing in archival and anthology collections. I support diverse representation and am passionate about the inclusion and safety of women in the comics industry & fandom. I speak frequently at conventions and events on women in fandom, Canadian comic book history, and self-publishing.

I am also fortunate to be a Kickstarter Thought Leader! A very cool program that lets me spread my love of the platform and advise new project creators.

Kickstarter Thought Leaders are an international group of creators from the Kickstarter community who are celebrated as leaders in their fields, and for their creative successes and community influence.

Current Projects:

Fashion In Action (publisher, in production) – reprint of 1980s action-adventure comic series by John K Snyder III featuring an all-female team of bodyguards for hire! (in Kickstarter phase, set to print and release in October 2016)

Prairie Comics Festival (organizer) – A one day market and event in Winnipeg to celebrate the art of comics creation! July 30, 2016 at the Millennium Library

Wing, Nitro, The Brain, & Polka-Dot Pirate (publisher, in development) – reprint of 1940s Canadian superhero comics originally published by Bell Features (release date TBA)

Love Beyond Body, Space, and Time – (publisher, in production) An all-prose (no comics!) anthology of sci-fi stories featuring LGBT characters by indigenous creators! Featuring stories by Richard van Camp, Giles Benaway, and David Robertson. (release date Summer 2016)

Angel Catbird – (editor, in production) Consulting editor for an upcoming graphic novel series by Margaret Atwood & Johnnie Christmas for Dark Horse Comics (release date September 2016)

A Minyan Yidn – (publisher, in development) A Yiddish memoir of early 1900s Belarus and Brooklyn, adapted by Trina Robbins and illustrated by a bevy of underground and independent comic stars. (release date, Winter 2017)


Past Projects:

Secret Loves of Geek Girls – (publisher/writer) A mixed medium anthology of true stories from women in fandom on love, sex, and dating. Published December 2015.  Dark Horse edition coming October 2016.

Brok Windsor (publisher) – reprint of 1940s Canadian comic featuring Brok Windsor, a Winnipeg doctor who discovers a magical forgotten island in cottage country. Published April 2015.

Moonshot (editor) – Collection of Inuit, Metis, and First Nations comic book stories based in the past, present, and future. Published by AH Comics. Published June 2015.

Lost Heroes – (associate producer, researcher) – documentary film on the history of Canadian superheroes. Produced by Farpoint Films.

Nelvana of the Northern Lights (co-publisher) – reprint of 1940s Canadian comic book featuring Nelvana, an Inuit demigoddess. Published first under CGA Comics, then under IDW Publishing.